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        成语查询 2020-08-02 12:06:35 0
          With the popularity of online shopping, the impact of the unprecedented impact on the line of businesses, the tide is still accelerating. Traditional businesses have been unable to change this trend, the only thing to do is to adapt to the development of the times, and constantly expand their sales channels. The emergence of WeChat's public platform to bring opportunities to the next line of business.   Based on a 1 user base, WeChat marketing WeChat as the communication tools 500 million mobile phone users, the use of high frequency rate, and upgrade WeChat more features, so WeChat has become a super entrance of the internet. Therefore, businesses want to break through the network marketing, WeChat marketing will be a battleground for businesses. There are 2 basic functions of WeChat public number, so that each individual has a network marketing opportunity, businesses, enterprises or individuals through the establishment of WeChat own public number, can set up a complete set of WeChat marketing system, so as to realize network marketing.   The main effect of the two, WeChat, WeChat is currently the main public marketing is based on WeChat public number as the center, the main features are: 1 WeChat two-dimensional code scanning or search micro signal, a key concern to get fans 2 permanent to gather the user, and can carry on the fine classification management of the user, the user relationship management system simply about 3 enterprise products or the service of multimedia display, is the extension of other forms of advertising development, user information collection, customer service service, new channels of communication and 4 of its products and services and other promotional information, to form a multimedia message, to the end user's mobile phone, to promote sales of 5 free SMS message, save huge costs 6 kinds of interactive marketing tools, increase marketing interest. The user stickiness, enhance the brand influence of 7 built-in functions of plug-in, check the weather, express, there are a variety of small game, let Its own brand   Three, the website 3G 1 through the advanced interface functions of WeChat, WeChat can easily docking public platform, the establishment of an independent website system of their own, the small individuals have their own brand website 2 businesses can display their free products or services and other related content, web page design cool, greatly enhance the user experience and brand image 3 in other forms of advertising, WeChat users concerned about the public number, you can get more information through the 3G website, and thus enhance the advertising effect   Four, WeChat replaced the 1 entity membership card membership card, do not purchase a membership management system, save two items of expenditure 2 users no longer need to carry the entity membership card, to avoid lost of trouble 3 true membership management simple and convenient and easy to operate, can easily manage user information through mobile phone users, including mobile phone No. address, age, and other related information. 4 businesses directly through the phone to the user's cumulative consumption points, the user's consumption points and consumption records at any time to find the 5 points redeem mall, the user at any time by the exchange of the corresponding gift points, to promote consumer spending   Five, the mobile mall in the mobile mall system independent, so that businesses can really have their own online shopping mall, businesses can according to their actual needs, for the classification of goods to the mall, product add editing, compared to the mobile phone version of Taobao, more simple and convenient.   Interactive marketing system, interactive marketing tools six coupons, sweepstakes, scratch cards, group purchase, registration, voting, message boards and other independent enterprises, promoting the interactions between consumers and businesses, improve the marketing and promotion of consumer interest, sharing, formation of divergent communication, promote sales   Seven, the operation of the promotion of businesses through the shop to guide consumers, you can accumulate a large number of fans in the WeChat public numbers. In the normal operation of the promotion of public numbers, interspersed with their product information, or organized various forms of WeChat activities, enhance interaction, and guide users to buy.   上一篇:社区禁毒宣传月总结 下一篇:教师方面工作措施


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